6. Readings

All readings for the course will be made accessible online during the course.
<!–– at this password protected link. ––>
It is not necessary to study the materials in advance, since the course will take you though them at the appropriate speed. Especially if you have not studied AI before, we suggest that you attend the course, and then go through all the material. In case you want to read some materials before the start of the course, you can find some (not all) readings in advance under the corresponding sessions (you will receive an e-mail on how to access the links).

Please note that all materials will in principle only be available in electronic format. Participants will be given a guest wifi account for the duration of the course and are advised to bring their laptops and devices with them. In case you have problems in accessing or using electronic documents, please send an e-mail to francesca.lagioia@eui.eu.

<!–– Here below are some introductory texts on logic.

Introductions to logic available on line

  • John Pollock. Logic: An Introduction to the Formal Study of Reasoning. This is and introductory symbolic logic course, clear and well structured. We will use substantial parts of it during the seminar
  • Pollock, J. L. (1990). Technical Methods in Philosophy. Westview, Boulder, Col. A more advanced text by the some author.
  • van Benthem, J., van Ditmarsch, H., van Eijck, J., and Jaspars, J. (2012). Logic in Action. A good and thorough introduction, a bit technical

Other introductions to logic parts of which will be used in the course

  • Sainsbury, M. (2001). Logical Forms: An Introduction to Philosophical Logic. Blackwell, Oxford. An introduction to proposition, predicate and modal logic, which includes a discussion of philosophical issues and mappings to natural language.
  • Bangs L. Tapscott (1976). Elementary Applied Symbolic Logic.

Logic and law

  • Scott Brewer, Readings on the logocratic method


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