Session 01.1.2

Monday, 10 July, second morning session: 11h-12h30

Logic and argumentation (Henry Prakken, Giovanni Sartor)

Themes covered in this session:

  1. The structure of arguments
  2. Arguments and counterarguments: rebutting, undercutting and premise attack
  3. Deductive and defeasible arguments
  4. Dialectical status of arguments


  • Logic and Argumentation, Henry Prakken and Giovanni Sartor (link)


  • Henry Prakken (2017), Logics of argumentation and the law (link) ( in H. Patrick Glenn and Lionel Smith, editors: Law and the New Logics. Cambridge University Press 2017, pp. 3-31).


  • Monge v. Beebe Rubber Co.(link)
  • Riggs v. Palmer (link)

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