Session 02.1.1 and 02.2.2

Review of basic concepts and exercises from the first and second day (Scott Brewer, Matthias Armgardt, Henry Prakken, Giovanni Sartor)

Themes covered in this session:

  1. Arguments and cases
  2. Truth tables
  3. Inferences in propositional logic
  4. Using propositional logic to represent legal argument
  5. Basic logical and metalogical concepts


  • Wright v. Newman (link)
  • Logocratic Analysis of Wright v. Newman (link)
  • Slides on Wright v. Newman (link )
  • Logocratic Analysis of Logical Pathology in Trans-Aire and Dale Horning (link)


  • Translation exercises (Giovanni) (link)
  • Brewer, S. Exercises on the Logocratic Method FOR SESSION 2.1.1 (link)
  • Brewer, S. Exercises on representing law in propositional logic READ FOR SESSION 2.1.2 AND EXERCISES FOR SESSION 2.2.2 (link)


Tapscott, Elementary Applied Symbolic Logic, chapters 1-8

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