Session 05.2.1

Friday, 19 July, first afternoon session: 14h-15h30

Review of basic concepts and exercises: legal expert systems (Giuseppe Contissa and Giovanni Sartor)

Themes covered in this session:

  1. Oracle policy automator: A logical expert system? (link)

Optional readings:

  • Sergot, M. J., Sadri, F., Kowalski, R. A., Kriwaczek, F., Hammond, P., and Cory, H. (1986). The British Nationality Act as a logic program. Communications of the ACM, 29:370–86. (link)
  • Dayal, S. and Johnson, P. (1999). A web-based revolution in australian public administration. In Proceedings Law via the Internet ’99: 2nd AustLII Conference on Computerisation of Law via the Internet. University of Technology, Sydney. (Electronc publication. Also Published in the on line journal JILT, 2000, Issue 1.). (link)

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