Session 05.2.1

Deontic and modal logic: Part 2 (Nino Rotolo and Giovanni Sartor)

Themes covered in this session:

  1. Paradoxes of deontic logic
  2. Moral Dilemmas
  3. Rights, Claims, Privileges, Immunities, Powers, and Liberties


  • Slides: Advanced Deontic Logic (link)


  • Sinnott-Armstrong, W. (1996). Moral dilemmas and rights. In Mason, H., editor, Moral dilemmas and moral theory. Oxford University Press (link).
  • Sinnott-Armstrong, W. (1985). A solution to Forrester’s paradox of gentle murder. Journal of Philosophy, 82:162–68 (link).

Optional Readings

  • Forrester, J. W. (1984). Gentle murderer, or the adverbial samaritan. The Journal of Philosophy, 81:193–7. (link)

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