Session 04.2.2

Monday, 22 July, second afternoon session: 16h-17h30

Analogical reasoning: Part 1 (Scott Brewer, Giovanni Sartor)

Themes covered in this session:

  1. Analogical reasoning: an explanation of the basic invariant structure of reasoning by analogy, with exercises for representing analogical (and disanalogical) legal arguments
  2. Analogical argument in example-based, case-based and casuistic arguments


  • Scott Brewer, Ana-logic (link)


  • Brewer, Exemplary Reasoning: Semantics, Pragmatics, and the Rational Force of Legal Reasoning By Analogy (especially Parts I, IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII) (link)
  • Grice, P. (1975). Logic and conversation. In Cole, P. and Morgan, J. L., editors, Syntax and Semantics, Vol. 3, Speech Acts, pages 41–58. Academic Press. (link)


  • Monge v Beebe Rubber Company (link)
  • Howard v Dorr Woolen Co (link)
  • Cloutier v A and P (link)
  • McBoyle vs United States (link)
  • Webb v. McGowin (link)
  • Mills v. Wyman (link)
  • Adams v. New Jersey Steamboat Co. (link)

Optional readings

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